Server-side and Technical Documentation-Description


A World Bridge: CitySmart – WorldWise

Application Running Environment

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Web Server: Apache 2.4

Application Server: GeoServer

Database Server: Influx DB



Programming Languages

Client Side      








Third Party Applications


     Drone Deploy




Key Interactive Features

Event Trigger

Event trigger plays key role to interactive with user operation, providing significant improvement to the user experience. The event triggers in this application includes:

     Layer Menu    

            Toggle Switch

            Place Mark

            Dialogue Box


Dynamic Graph

Dynamic Graph provides variable options or given conditions for the user to further investigate the data formatted. The graph will vary by changing the condition.


Layer Menu

There are different types of layers integrated to this application, including orthomosaics (GeoTIFF), shape file, place marks, etc. Those layers are controlled by different layer engines which are connected to variable data sources, and include the application server.



Features Overview

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 7.40.00 PM



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